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Step 1

Description & Qualifications

In this step, you will discover more about what it means to be on the Disciple-Making Team. Click one of the links below to view the process and qualifications.


Step 2

In this step, you can access the training videos for each CORE4 resource! Click the buttons below to access the training videos or the Core4 Resources.

Step 3


In this step, use the links below to fill out your application to become a Certified Disciple-Maker, as well as register anyone whose discipleship process you are overseeing as a Point Leader.

Complete the DISCIPLE-MAKING TEAM MEMBER APPLICATION once you have gone through the training to become a Certified Disciple-Maker

Complete the POINT LEADER - DISCIPLE REGISTRATION FORM for each person you are a Point Leader for the CORE4

Complete the DISCIPLE-MAKING COMPLETION FORM once the person you are overseeing as a Point Leader has completed their discipleship process through the CORE4.

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